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Since the first vocal blues recording was cut by a woman (“Crazy Blues” by Mamie Smith in August of 1920) I think it is appropriate that there be at least one girl among those boys on Texas Blues Radio.  But I’m having too much fun to worry about making a statement.

Ginger with Magic Slim
Magic Slim
Ginger with Carey Bell
Carey Bell
My gateway into the Blues was through social dancing. The Dallas Push Club holds many dances where West Coast Swing is done to live or recorded Blues. Dancing is fun but I loved the music they were playing and started asking the DJ’s where I could hear more. They told me about Texas Blues Radio on KNON and I’ve been hooked since I first tuned in.

Like most KNON DJs I started as a dedicated listener. I would listen to KNON on headphones every night while walking my dogs. When I heard a song I really liked I would phone the DJ to get the details and learn more about the band or artist. I enjoyed the station so much I wanted to do more so I began answering phones during pledge drives and helping out when ever I could at KNON. I let my new friends know I was interested in doing a show and began subbing for DJs in 1999. Later that year when a slot opened up I jumped at the chance and have been having a great time ever since.

Ginger with Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson
Ginger with Lee McBee
Lee McBee

One of the best things about the Blues is that there are so many styles to enjoy.  My favorites are contemporary Blues in the Chicago, West Coast, and Soul style.  The older pre-war styles are not my favorite but that’s one of the best things about KNON’s Texas Blues Radio.  We each play our favorites.  If there is something you like but don’t hear on my show, you are certain to hear it on one of the other shows.  (Or vice versa.)  Between us we play just about every style or variation of the Blues every week.

Okay, I confess: I am a “motorcycle chick” and proud of it!  I like nothing better than riding to one of the many great Blues clubs around the Dallas / Fort Worth area and joining my biker buddies for live music.  I enjoy meeting KNON listeners and fellow Blues fans so if you see me at a KNON event or Blues jam please say hello!

The photos here are just a few of the really great musicians I have had the privilege of meeting.  Their talent is exceeded only by their kindness and I am honored to have made their acquaintance.

Be sure to tune in to KNON's Texas Blues Radio every weeknight from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Central Time.  But especially on Thursday!  The studio number is 972-647-1893. Please call if there's anything you would like to hear and I’ll do my best.

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