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Big Daddy Hal

Big Daddy Hal

KNON Blues DJ since 1994

I was born in Texas in the late 50's and grew up living the life of a military brat.  I graduated high school overseas on an Air Force base in the Terciera Islands,
the Azores, Portugal.   I've been to the Philippine Islands, Alaska, Turkey, Europe,
and many stateside locations.  While serving and traveling in the Air Force I trained as an X-Ray Technologist.  That is also how I was introduced to the Blues.

I love spinning the blues at KNON because, for me, the Blues Is A Feeling.  Rarely do I have a prepared show.  I opt to be spontaneous.  My Blues cover a wide variety of styles, anything from pre-war to the contemporary blues of today.  That gives me a lot to choose from.  I like deep tracks but I also have a soft spot in my heart for the country and acoustic blues.

I truly enjoy sharing these blues with you, the listener.  I dig requests too, but keep it " Blues!

Big Daddy Hal on the air

After close to eight years I left to attend college on the GI Bill.  In 1986 I graduated from TCU with a BFA in Radio-TV-Film.  Presently I work the ER at Baylor Hospital.  With over 25 years of experience, this is the "day job" side of Big Daddy Hal.

click to enlarge A chance meeting with a former KNON Blues DJ named Steve Strong is how I first became aware of the blues programs on KNON.  A little later they were looking for a Blues sub to learn the ropes and fill in when necessary.  I still have the 40 song playlist they asked me to provide as an audition.  That was over 11 years ago and I am still going strong at the station.

Mississippi Fred McDowell once said, "I DO NOT PLAY NO ROCK-N-ROLL!!!

Me, I save that for the other stations.


Please feel free to contact me with questions or just to talk the blues.  You can send me e-mail via

Big Daddy Hal with Sweet Sam Myers
Sam Myers

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