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I was born in California but I've lived in North Texas for more than 26 years and natives tell me I am "naturalized" now.  I miss my family and the Pacific but I love Texas and all the great people and consider Texas home.  The Blues Scene in North Texas, in my humble opinion, is second to none.  (That includes Chicago!)

Blind Lemon Blues Festival
JMAC with B. B. King
B.B. King

I remember the moment I got hooked on the Blues.  I found a copy of Mississippi Fred McDowell's first Arhoolie release.  The first track was "Write Me A Few Lines" and from the moment the needle hit the groove I was hooked.  Could one man with a guitar really make a sound like that?  I still have that LP and have spent countless hours trying to capture Fred's sound.  Today the Blues is my first love and it comes out in everything I play.

When I moved to Texas I started looking for Blues on the radio.  KNON went on the air two months after I arrived.  I didn't find it until years later when a friend at work told me he vaguely recalled that a local station (then at 90.9 FM) played the Blues.

Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown
Gatemouth Brown
Beth Garner, JMAC, Holland K. Smith
Beth Garner & Holland K. Smith
It took a few tries but I found Marc Tuton's show playing artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Tampa Red, Memphis Minnie, Curly 'Barefoot' Miller, Black Ace, Willie McTell, Blind Boy Fuller, and my #1 guitar hero Blind Blake.  I called to request favorite tunes and Marc turned me on to the rest of KNON's Blues schedule.  I started helping at pledge drives and getting to know the folks at KNON.

Marc invited me to play live on his show in June of 1987.  Not long afterwards "Mr. & Mrs. Hippy" had to give up their show and KNON's program director (Niteman) asked if I would be interested.   I had two interviews and must have done something right because they gave me a spot.  I did my first show on August 10, 1987 and have done a Monday Blues show ever since.

JMAC and Ginger at the KNON Blues Festival
JMAC and Ginger
JMAC and Johnny Mack
JMAC and Johnny Mack
Working at KNON does not make one famous and it sure won't make anyone rich.  We do it because we love it.  I am honored to contribute to the local Blues Community.  The best part is that through KNON I have met many great people including a few legends like B. B. King and lots of great KNON listeners!
Nothing is as much fun as having a listener call to ask "Who did that song you just played?  That was awesome!"

It's been a lot of work but it's also been a lot of fun and I look forward to being part of KNON's third decade and beyond.

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With Two Fort-Party-Worth Lovlies
Judy & Dana

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