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Pledge Drive

KNON is non-profit community radio so we cannot sell advertising and we receive very little money from the government or corporate underwriting.  We generate a small amount of our revenue through underwriting by local business, CD sales (such as Texas Blues Radio Volume 4) and benefit shows but more than 80%of our operating budget comes from local listeners like you.  Your support is what keeps KNON and Texas Blues Radio on the air and that's the way we like it.  That way we get to concentrate on meeting the needs of local listeners.  If you like what you hear, please support KNON and Texas Blues Radio during pledge drive.  Without your support, there will be no Texas Blues Radio.
A great way you can help is by volunteering to answer the phones during the pledge drives.  If you can spare two hours between 6:00 and 8:00 PM Monday through Friday and would like an insider's view of how KNON works,   It's easy, it's fun, and you get to meet others that share your interest in Blues and community radio.  Everyone is welcome and we would appreciate your help.  Please phone 972-647-1893 during your favorite Blues show or 214-828-9500 anytime to leave a message for the station manager.  You may also send e-mail to letting us know what days & times are best for you.
You see them on the coolest people all over town: Texas Blues Radio T-Shirts.  People that wear them (like the lovely Karen, at left) not only look great but actively support KNON and Texas Blues Radio.  And admit it: no matter how good you or your significant other look now, you'll look even better (and hipper) in a Texas Blues Radio T-Shirt.  How do you get one?  Easy: support Texas Blues Radio with a pledge of $35 or more.  And you don't have to wait until the next pledge drive.  You can support Texas Blues Radio any time at the Web Site.   Thanks!

Pledge Drive Volunteers

The KNON Blues DJ's could not do pledge drive without the help of some very special people - the good folks that answer the phones.  They donate their time so the DJ can tell you why it is important to support Texas Blues Radio with your financial contribution.  We are sincerely grateful for their help and thought you might enjoy a peek at some of our special friends that answer the phone when you pledge.

Jimbo Jimbo and Dana waiting for YOUR call Dana, Queen of the Ft Worth Blues Hoochie Mamas
Terry, Salty, Craig, and Kay Craig and Mark Terry, Salty, and Craig
Carol and Melody Don O's Helpers - Feb 18, 2005 Fred and Washboard
Lisa, Melinda, and Judi helping Scott Sandy of the Denton Blues Society Melody and Fred
Dave and Ronnie help Ginger's Show Beth and Dave help Ginger Leo and Ginger

MANY THANKS to the volunteers who help with Pledge Drive.  We could not do it without you!

Your favorite Texas Blues Radio host could use your help answering the phones and taking pledges.  If you can help out please   If you can't help answering phones please help by making a pledge!  We have a new T-shirt design for 2005 and this is your first chance to get one.

When you call in your pledge, please take a moment to thank the volunteer assisting you.  Like you, they are part of the Blues Community that keeps KNON Community Radio on the air and Texas Blues Radio on KNON.  Thank you for your support!

click to see a larger image Every year we come up with a new design for the Texas Blues Radio T-Shirt we send as a thank you gift for pledges of $35 or more.  The design is also used for baseball caps, BBQ aprons (the TBR DJ's sure love  good Texas BBQ!), tank tops, ladies tops, work shirts, and other items.

People ask what the Dickie's work shirts look like.  They are very popular so you are sure to see people wearing them soon but here are views of the front and the back of these hot pledge premiums.

Help Keep Texas Blues Radio on the Air!

If you will not be able to phone in a pledge during the last Pledge Drive you can pledge any time on KNON's web site Please follow this link to make your pledge now!  Without YOU there is no community radio.


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