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How to Submit CDs for Possible
Airplay on Texas Blues Radio

We welcome new CDs for airplay on Texas Blues Radio but please know that acceptance does not guarantee airplay.   All unsolicited material becomes the property of KNON and will not be returned.

We have a simple blues airplay policy at KNON: If we like it, we play it.   If we don't, we won't.  The good news is that there are few airplay requirements on our hosts.   If one DJ loves a new CD they can play the heck out of it even if the other DJs hate it.   It's up to the individual DJ to decide what is on their show.   The only requirements are that the material fit within the Blues format and that the lyrics do not include language that would get KNON in trouble with the FCC.

(If you aren't sure what language is acceptable for broadcast radio, Wikipedia has articles on George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television" routine and an overview of the Federal Communications Decency Act.  FCC rules on obscene language are ambiguous and the fines for violations are large.  One huge FCC fine could bankrupt KNON so we tend to "air" on the side of caution.  We won't try to edit - if the track includes bad language, we will not play it.)

Every Blues CD received is logged in and listed so that all the DJs know what has been added to the Blues stacks.   Each format at KNON, including Texas Blues Radio, has a set of locking cabinets available only to that format's hosts.   We have limited cabinet space and our Blues stacks are usually full.   Every time something new comes in something old has to go so most CDs are eventually rotated out.   New CDs remain in the stacks for a minimum of six weeks, even if they are getting no airplay, and often much longer.   Pulled CDs are sold at  the KNON Garage Sale each Spring and Fall to benefit the station.

It is not necessary to send extensive bios, gig listings, 8X10 photos, or other ephemera because we don't keep it.  Ideally your contact info, website, etc., should be in your CD liner.  That is the way to ensure that everyone that sees your CD has all of your information.  Listeners often call to ask about a tune they hear on Texas Blues Radio and the more information you include on your packaging, the more we can share with listeners.  If your label didn't include such info on the liner you might write it on a post-it note stuck inside the jewel case.

We do not mind if you send a copy of your CD for each DJ but we do not encourage it.  We would rather you sell those copies and make some money for yourself.  If you wish to send multiple copies please send seven:  one for the stacks, one for each on-air Texas Blues Radio DJ, and one for Blue Lisa (Thursday 9:00AM to Noon).   But, really, just one copy for the stacks is fine.  The Texas Blues Radio DJs are all hardcore blues fans and we buy copies of the CDs we like.

Your CD should be clearly labeled on the spine with the name of the artist.  CDs in slim packs and envelopes are discouraged because they are harder to see in the stacks and that means less chance for airplay.   We don't have extra jewel cases so what you send is how we will store it.  If the spine on your CD is easy to see the DJ's are more likely to pull it.

It is important that your CD be of broadcast quality.  KNON Blues DJs will occasionally play low quality recordings that are historically important but generally we will not.  There are exceptions but putting a cassette recorder in front of the band at a jam will not result in a recording we can use.  Thankfully digital technology has put the cost of professional quality recording within reach for almost everyone.

KNON DJs currently cannot play MP3 files or MP3 CD-ROMs.  Please make sure any CD submitted conforms to Red Book Standards for audio CDs.

The song titles should be listed somewhere in the packaging along with track numbers and times.  This makes it easier for the DJ to find and cue up the tracks they like best.  It's helpful to have songwriter credits and personnel lists too, especially if you do originals.  (We hope you do - we love playing good new original Blues material.)

We discourage you from handing CDs to individual DJs at events, leaving them at the station, or giving them to third parties to be passed on to us.  The surest way to make sure your CD reaches the station is to mail a copy to the address below.   We'll take it from there.

We're looking forward to hearing your next Blues recording!

Submissions may be sent to:

KNON 89.3 FM
Attention Blues Programming
P.O. Box 710909
Dallas, Texas 75371


KNON's Texas Blues Radio  Last Update: Wednesday December 28, 2011