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I Paid My Pledge - Where's My Stuff?

Thank you for paying your pledge!  It's sad but some people call in pledges of support during our quarterly drives but do not keep their promise.  We are sincerely grateful to you for being one of those that honors your commitments.

If you are reading this it may be because we are a bit slow or got something wrong.  The premiums you were promised are normally mailed in 6 to 8 weeks or less.  We do our best to get everything mailed as quickly as possible but sometimes we goof.  If we did please accept our apologies!  As you can imagine, mailing out pledge premiums for all KNON programs after the drive is a huge task and keeping track of everything for every show gets complicated.  We try hard not to foul up but sometimes we do and for that we are truly sorry.

The good news is that if you let us know we goofed we will correct the problem immediately.  KNON's Music director Christian Lee ( is the station staffer that supervises the pledge drives.  If we sent the wrong premium or if it's been six weeks and you have not received your premiums yet, please contact Christian and he will get everything straightened out right away.  Christian puts in a lot of hours to make sure the pledge drives run efficiently and he hates disappointing a KNON supporter.  He will quickly fix any errors to make sure you are a satisfied listener.

Christian Lee can be contacted by phone at 214-828-9500 extension 234.  If Christian is not at his desk please leave your name, phone number, and a short explanation and he will get back to you as soon as possible. If your premiums include tickets to a show or event please phone Christian instead of sending e-mail!  It is very important that tickets arrive on time and Christian wants to know right away if you have not received them as promised.

Thank you for your support and thank you for understanding if we are a little muddled after pledge drive.  We're better at playing the Blues than mailing sometimes.


KNON's Texas Blues Radio  Last Update: Wednesday December 28, 2011